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Evrisko Systems offers electronic hardware, software, database, and fuction test and product verification engineering services. We work with customers looking for assistance for an internal engineering team, product redesign, new product, proof of concept, or prototype development. To ensure our customer’s needs are met without compromise, a project development manager coordinates requirements and timelines to develop a design specification. Our staff includes experienced hardware and software engineers that work closely together on all products.

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Concept / Prototyping / Manufacturing Engineering

Evrisko Systems has a working relationship with a number of the area’s most reputable firms, including an Industrial Design Group, an ISO 9001/13485 Contract Electronic Manufacturer, and a rapid prototyping / full injection molding Plastic Manufacturer. Through our collaborations with these firms, we are able to provide complete solutions to our customers from concept to full turnkey product manufacturing.

Hardware Design

Evrisko Systems engineers have experience in both analog and digital design, including switching power supplies, sensor circuits, PC Board (PCB) design and layout, RF and antenna design and logic design. Previous product development includes both battery powered and externally powered devices.

Our portfolio includes numerous microcontroller and microprocessor designs interfacing with external devices through standard interfaces such as I2C, SPI, USB, Serial, and GPIO.

Software / Firmware Development

Evrisko Systems engineers develop software for use across a wide variety of platforms and in many programming languages. Our background includes experience with microprocessors, microcontrollers, real-time programming, and graphical user interfaces.

Product development includes complete custom firmware for all of our products along with software tools to support device configuration, system integration, monitoring and data reporting. Our software is designed to maintain firmware and tool compatibility across all products. Software languages include, but are not limited to: Java, C, C++, C#, .Net, Python, and Perl.

Cloud and Database Development

Evrisko Systems has developed a web based application with a SQL database backend using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Testing and Validation

Evrisko Systems develops fully automated functional test stations and custom test fixtures along with detailed test procedures to ensure that all assemblies and products are fully operational prior to being shipped to our customers.

Validation testing includes full manufacturing functional tests, power supply testing, accelerated battery life testing, and RF range testing. Evrisko Systems products are designed to meet emissions (FCC), safety (UL standards), and environmental (ROHS) guidelines as required. Evrisko Systems works with various test labs to obtain all customer required agency certifications.

Wireless Projects

Evrisko Systems specializes in the design of Low-Powered WiFi based products. Custom hardware, firmware and commercial off-the-shelf radio modules are used in the development of these products.  Evrisko Systems’ software tools enable our products to be quickly and easily integrated onto an end-user’s wireless network.

While the company’s wireless focus has been WiFi; our egineerig staff has experience with other wireless technologies including ZigBee, Bluetooth, and proprietary 900MHz and 2.4GHz radio modules.