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Advertising Platform

Carousel Media Group approached Evrisko Systems with an idea to create a multi-sided advertising platform for lobbies, waiting rooms, and trade show events. Evrisko worked with an industrial design group and created concept images, researched possible computer platforms and worked with manufacturers and developed a final product.  Evrisko also developed a smaller device that runs the same software and uses the same cloud service which connects to HDMI televisions or monitors.  Both products were designed to meet FCC emission requirements.

Evrisko software engineers developed firmware to control the device and a cloud service and database which could remotely update the contents and software at each station. 

The Carousel Media Group Advertising Platform is expected to be released toward the end of 2017.

Wireless WiFi Sensors

Evrisko Systems' first product was a wireless sensor designed to measure temperatuer and humidity.  Usig a off-the-shelf WiFi module, along with custom hardware and software, a battery powered sesor was  developed that is being used to monitor and control the environment and many locations.  Veris Industries approached Evrisko Systems to make a version of these sensors that would fit into their existing sensor enclosure. Working with their engineers, marketing department, and sales reps, Evrisko developed a sensor to measure temperature and humidity and a later version of this device added CO2 capabilities Evrisko also developed a wireless analog and digital transmitter and receiver pair to act as a wire replacemet.  This allows users to tur an of their existing sesors ito wireless devices.

Evrisko also created software to configure the sensors onto the user’s network and software and procedures to connect to various building control systems.

Automated Watering System

Eco Garden Systems has developed a unique raised garden system with a reservoir of water under the soil. Eco Garden Systems asked Evrisko to develop an automated watering system for the current garden model and work with industrial designers to create a system for the next generation garden. The watering system had to be self contained, battery operated, and solar rechargeable, all with a price tag of less than $150 per system. Evrisko tested components and contacted suppliers to ensure that quantity and quality parts could be obtained. The watering system for the first generation garden was completed in 2016 and watering system for the next generation garden was completed first quarter 2017.